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According to a Home Office study, one out of four teenagers could be classified as a serious offender, with high potential to become a criminal. There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

England earlier had the unfortunate system of juvenile justice of imprisonment, transportation and even death penalty, regardless of the age of the offender. Employment training seems to have shown remarkable possibilities.

Policy Studies Institute, Emotional ties, culturally developed since birth at home and in the community, are absolutely important for any human being, however individualistic we are today.

Finding the family, gaining the cooperation of the family, trying to contact the child as often as possible even after he returns home, interviewing the rest of the family trying to locate the source of the problem, establishing an interview schedule, insisting on a self-reporting system have all become part of the welfare process of a child offender.

Majority of these sentences were of three months or less.

Over the years, the stress has shifted from punishment to welfare with more planning for their adult life. Behaviour in care centres, usually ends up with the offended offender throwing the TV at the wall and very patiently, the authorities replace it with a brand new TV!

However hard the Government tries to fill in that place, it would never be possible for its agencies to do so. Youth courts tend to be less formal than the adult courts. Child requires emotional and friendly ties at home and society and this could be provided by parents, peers and schools.

Being out in the night could place the youngster in danger of being exploited by pimps, drug sellers, criminals and murderers. Sometimes, they have to think about the other children. They are too young to realise that the justice agencies are bending backwards to please them and facilitate them only because of their determination to cure them of all evils.

Personal advisers are provided. If not the police will be unable to use any information received as evidence.

Section 38 establishes the duty and cooperation of local authorities, social services, educational institutions, police and other Youth justice services.

They treat the staff with great disdain, ridicule them and try to get away with cheeky and disturbing behaviour only because of their age. They try to work on the principle of elimination of bad company, one of the many factors that take a child into criminal life.

Truancy has been perceived as a definite path to criminal life. Bibliography Annika Snare, Ed. One of the reports regretfully points out that juveniles are so thoroughly spoilt that instead of improving, they are becoming downright offensive.

Another agency that could be enormously helpful in juvenile justice is media. This has been caused by:Programs to rehabilitate young offenders. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Chapter two will explore the programs in place for young people in custody geared towards their rehabilitation.

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This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Criminal justice. Law Essay - Government and the society always hope that these young offenders would grow out of their crimes eventually.

But this may not be the case under all circumstances. Looking At The Youth Justice System In England Criminology Essay.

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Print However the Criminal Justice Act completely abolished the borstal system and introduced Youth Custody centres The Children & Young Persons Act began to look at ways of introducing more welfare in the way that young offenders were dealt with.

This act. The first Young Offenders Act was introduced inand changed the judicial system radically for young people. Essays Related to Young Offenders Essay.

1. this model provides with many alternatives to custody and offers to imprison only the most serious of offenders. Specialised centres for the detention of young people were set /5(10). This essay has been submitted by a law student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Young offenders in the uk.

Young offenders in custody essay
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