Vcop writing assessment test

You also use dedicated BIG Write pencil; these are special pencils that are only used during BIG writing time I just bought a whole bunch of pencils and put washi tape around them. Once I was back at school and changed tack, it made a huge difference!

The other 4 cold writes are a narrative, exposition, narrative and recount spanning mid Term 1- Term 4. The only thing on the display should be the Punctuation Pyramid.

Once everything has been found and the page looks like a colourful picture, the pair then begin on the second piece of writing and follow the same process. Essentially, students are paired with a "breakdown buddy". This would also be a great time to conference with kids about their writing.

The important thing to note about these pyramids is a they start at the top and work down that is, Level 1 is at the top and should be solidly achieved before Level 2 etc and b the levels DO NOT equate to year levels; that is, Level 4 is NOT what Year 4 or Grade 4 students should be using.

Here is what the writing samples should be looking like: This is done in a number of ways and the steps are outlined really well in the Day 1 PD. At the end of writing time say around minutes, depending on the kidsI get certain helpers to pack away the pencils, resources and candles we have used.

If your display is smaller, you could just print off the actual Punctuation Pyramid and use that. Once students master a level of punctuation, they get to put the corresponding coloured belt onto their Kung Fu Punctuation Person.

Yes, it is supposed to be empty.

So there you have it! We completed Day 2 early in Term 2 the following year and then had the knowledge and skills to use the program in its entirety for the remainder of last year. Each of these pieces of writing are then marked and assessed using the criterion scale. This is where the kids who wrote down notes the night before as part of their "talk homework" can share their ideas if they want.

These student scales can then be used to assist with goal setting, student reflections and report writing as can the teacher scale, which as I said is the bible for marking writing samples and is a joy to use when writing reports!

A rather comprehensive review of a comprehensive and brilliant writing program! We have now hit the ground running this year, having all the elements in place and have a solid understanding of our assessment schedule in terms of when we need to assess students, how we do it and how we mark it.

With their breakdown buddy, students at first need to both read ONE piece of writing; this is important. The scale is also great in that, if a student is scoring particularly high or low, you will know if you need to re-assess their writing on a scale which is a level lower or higher than the one you have chosen.

This is not a sponsored post There are two altogether; Day 1 explains VCOP and its elements, what the BIG Write is and how to structure it and touches briefly on the assessment and marking side of things.

For example, a 14 on Level 2 might equate to 2. We also complete a whole-staff writing moderation activity every fortnight, using a BIG write sample from our students.

All 4 VCOP elements have a related pyramid, which shows a hierarchy of words that students should be using.

Teachers judge the writing against the scale level they feel is most appropriate. They will not have this scale with them when they are writing.

VCOP Primary Resources

Before my Day 2 PD session, I was conducting BIG writes under test conditions, however I soon realised that this was wrong and was of no help to me or my students! When you introduce VCOP, and at the beginning of each school year, your VCOP display an essential element of the program will look something like this: Even though the student might be in Year 5, the writing they have produced is reflective of a different standard.

My school completed these two PD days over 2 years; Day 1 was completed during Term 2 and we then started the program properly in Term 3, giving ourselves a good 6 months to get into it, explore it and figure out what worked best for us.VCOP Games and Activities - VCOP, games, activities, sentances, literacy, writing, vowels, adjectives, connectives, punctuation, literacy, reading See more.

from Twinkl. It includes a wide range of writing activities Assessment strategies for teaching and learning Find this Pin and more on VCOP- Writing by Maggie Lilly. Tip of the Day. This resource has a handy A5 sized Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers, Punctuation (VCOP) self assement sheet.

I use this with pupils after they have have completed a first draft of a piece of writing. They use highlighters matching the colours of the VCOP /5(8). This handy set of word cards feature key vocabulary for this topic.

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Great for a variety of activities, your children can use them as inspiration during independent writing activities, as a spelling aid, to start discussions about the topic, and more. Andrell Education is a literacy based education company providing professional development to teachers and educators.

Big Write and VCOP is a writing program that is guaranteed to raise the writing standards of all the students in Australian schools.

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Browse by Type: Planning. Topic Planning This great punctuation poster features definitions for the main types of punctuation used in every day writing. Great as a general reminder and writing aid. Save for Later. Purpose of Assessment Assessment as learning- During my fourth year placement I created a VCOP self-assessment rubric for students to reflect on their writing skills by shading a happy, neutral or sad face according to each area of criteria on the rubric (see below).

Vcop writing assessment test
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