Take a stance cell phones and driving essay

Four states — Montana, South Dakota, Ohio, and Florida do not even have any bans on distracted driving. In order to effectively diminish the amount of texting while driving deaths, it is necessary that the federal government pass legislation that will unify laws against and strengthen punishment for texting while driving.

To combat this problem, the United States government much take a stronger stance and pass legislation that unifies texting while driving laws and punishments, as well as installing much more education about the dangers of texting behind the wheel to convey the much needed message to the future drivers of the United States.

Currently, one of the only programs in place is run by a private company. Focus of the driver is not on the road or traffic and it becomes difficult to handle phone and vehicle at one time.

Since it usually takes two hands to text, the drivers have no hands on the steering wheel. All states should pass a law that bans cell phone use while driving. The most important benefit of cell phones during driving is again the security factor.

Just like society looks down on drunk driving, the same should be thought of when one is texting or talking while driving, even if they are using a hands-free device. Hire writer Over the past several old ages. As set out in the traffic law, not only in our country but in many countries it is prohibited from using cell phones and responds to text messages when driving.

Undesired Situation by Using Cell phones during Driving Billions of people throughout the world are using cell phones in daily routine life.

Sample Paper: Texting While Driving Ban

Most people admit using their cell phones while driving and stop using it when traffic police authorities or near. Every state should have the same exact laws against texting. Motor vehicle crashes often occur at intersections because these are the locations where two or more roads cross each other and activities such as turning left, crossing over, and turning right have the potential for conflicts resulting in crashes.

This law is not a useless rule of the bunch, but it is to take care of our life and not lose it in seconds. This is only one reason why cell phone use while driving should be illegal.

To do this our government must take action to both add uniformity to the laws and punishments bestowed on the offenders. Furthermore, using FMs on cell phones can provide information about weather and traffic.

Therefore, we must carry it forever, not just when there are police near us, and it is that we put our lives at risk but will keep it. We know how bad drunk driving is and society finally did something about the issue by creating laws against it.

Many people would argue that one of the reasons we have mobile devices is that we can use them on the go. Sturnguist, The nature of conversation on cell phones during driving differs and can have distinctive impacts on drivers.

Undoubtedly, drunk driving is another extremely large contributing factor in many deaths each year. By making conversation, writing messages, or just playing with the mobile increases the chances of accidents.Free Essay: Cell Phone Use While Driving should be Banned in all States Imagine you are driving down the road and you begin to notice the car in front of you.

Cell phones while driving essaysThe use of cellular phones has spread like wild fire in the last ten years.

Argument Essay on the Use of Cell Phones while Driving

It has become a part of everyday life for many American citizens, and a good number of people depend on them to carry out daily operations.

Unfortunately, many of these daily operations occu. Cell Phones Should Be Banned While Driving Essay example. Words 7 Pages. Show More. Stop the Use of Cell Phones While Driving Essay. 13 Many people driving don’t know that they can be so many wrongs they can be doing without realizing it.

Plenty talk. Over the past several old ages. with much technological promotion. the usage of cell phones while driving has become a major job on the roads universally.

Surveies and questionnaires have proved that cell phone usage while driving straight impacts a driver’s aggression on the route.

With all of the astonishing capablenesss a modern twenty-four hours Read More.

The Use of Cell Phone While Driving Essay Sample

Texting While Driving (Persuasive Essay) more than 22 recent of fatal road accidents are caused by teenagers using their cell phones while driving. Distraction on the roads is caused by teenagers who have confidence that they can text or talk on the phone while driving.

More than 5, people have died last year due to text driving; these. Cell phones while driving – Essay Sample This research paper is discussing about talking on a cell phone while driving and why it should be legislated. It attempts to answer a question should we legislate talking on a cell phone while driving.

Take a stance cell phones and driving essay
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