Syllabus of 201a

You will have until the next exam for you to resubmit. You can make up one exam.

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And the maximum score possible for a paper that is resubmitted is 19 points. The class system Giddens et al.: If you want individual help, please feel free to ask me at any time.

Here is a Canvas quick reference guide with instructions on how to log on: All activities must be turned in through Canvas. Academic integrity Cheating is absolutely not tolerated. Social interaction Giddens et al.: You cannot resubmit the final assignment.

Also, I reserve the right to modify the grade scale when computing final letter grades to account for the level of difficulty of the course. The dates in parenthesis are suggested read-by dates. If you are a student with a verified disability, please discuss your needs for accommodations with me as soon as you can.

If someone makes a comment that you disagree with, attack the argument, not the person making the argument. If no one is there, send an email to support my. Also, asking someone who has taken an exam before you have about the content of the exam, for example, if there is an essay on the exam or not, or receiving information about an exam that you have not yet taken is prohibited.

Crime Giddens et al.: You are allowed to turn in one activity assignment late--except Activity Assignment 5, which is due that the day of the final exam.

Canvas discussion forums extra credit, up to three percent Participation on the Canvas discussion forums is not required; however, extra credit points will be given to students that do, up to three percent. Research methods and statistics Giddens et al.: Questions will be based primarily on the Giddens et al.

Please bring five Scantrons to the first exam. Day 10 Monday, October 2 Giddens et al.: Reinstatement policy If a student has been dropped due to the attendance policy, the instructor may reinstate the student if all of the following conditions have been met: You can also try calling the Help Desk in the Computer Lab, room As your instructor, I will make every effort to make this class a safe environment for all students.Course Syllabus Jump to Today "Never resist a sentence you like, in which language takes its own pleasure and in which, after having abused it for so long, you are stupefied by its innocence.".

View Notes - MKim UW Syllabus RELIG A Fall from RELIG at University of Washington. University of Washington Jackson School of International Studies Comparative Religion Introduction to.

Economics A is the rst semester of the required microeconomic theory sequence for rst-year e-mail to me with your transcript and the syllabus from the course attached as PDF les. If you received a waiver from Professor Shannon, forward that email to me. There are no exceptions to the.

1. Course Syllabus for Organic Chemistry CHE Fall Course Objective: Prepare undergraduate student for chemical research in a laboratory where.

Please refer to the syllabus and the announcements that I make in class so that you will know what reading we will be discussing in class on any given day. Come prepared to discuss the readings in class. view notes - acct a f syllabus from acctg acct at fullerton college.

acct a: intermediate accounting (5 units) ming-yin scott fullerton college division of business, computer.

Syllabus of 201a
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