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But, a small autonomous application, like payroll, can be generated in a number of weeks or months by a single or only a few programmers.

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Once the SRS Document is prepared, the analyst moves on to the design phase where the total cost of the system is estimated. Incoming first-year or transfer students are evenly distributed amongst all 11 Residential Commons in such a manner as to create a microcosm of SMU in each Residential Commons.

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For information on requesting a roommate after assignments are made, please see Roommates When do I get my room number?

The incoming first year class is larger than anticipated. One session is provided for hands-on training also in order that the members can freely use the system in front of the trainers. Room numbers are given to students when they check-in and are not released before then.

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The DSS will collect and analyze the data and then present it in a way that can be interpreted by humans. Science Course - M. Roommate requests made before June 1 are guaranteed so long as the request is mutual and both students have completed the application process.


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Inheritance permits the sharing of the implementation of operations to most of the object-oriented systems instead of duplicate code in different classes. A set of data elements that illustrate a unit in the system is known as a data structure.

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Assignments How are students assigned to housing? Incoming first-year or transfer students are evenly distributed amongst all 11 Residential Commons in such a manner as to create a microcosm of SMU in each Residential Commons. Sincealumni of SMU Dedman School of Law have distinguished themselves as global leaders in law, business, and government and as prominent members of the judiciary.

SMU Assignment - (Sem -2) - MCA ADVANCED DATA STRUCTURE MCA ADVANCED DATA STRUCTURE Q1.) Define Modularity and explain its need in computer programs. Supported Browsers - IE9, Chrome & Mozilla Firefox | Version 3-SPrivacy Policy | Copyright © Sikkim Manipal University.

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Smu assignment
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