Leading your team

Sometimes it can be helpful for teams to consider what specific quality, action or meaning they wish to achieve or aspire to for the year.

Once your team has reached a consensus about which word best represents their intent for the coming year, have them vote on which word will be best to represent their intent.

Choosing the actual word Once your team has a list of words, have each member talk about which word is most meaningful to them and why.

Have them talk about how they could use these words to help them stay on track through the year. Once your team has set their intent for the year, there is literally nothing that can stand in the way of achieving their goals — except failing to focus on their intent. How a single word can unite your team Just Leading your team its easier to reach your goals when they are in alignment with your intent, it will be easier for your team to overcome challenges and increase their performance when their goals are in alignment with their passion and purpose.

Brainstorm Your team should be involved in the entire process of choosing the groups intent word. Action words Some action words that are commonly chosen to express intent are: To create this united, purpose-driven team, you must have everyone on board.

Have them brainstorm together and come up with a list of single words that defines their intent for the year.

Leading your team with intent

Incorporate this word it into your strategic planning, use it as a theme in team-building activities and at meetings throughout the year to help your team keep their intent at the top of mind. Your team should choose a word that speaks to them and really resonates with them on a personal, meaningful level.

It should set the tone for every action that each member takes. Look for areas of overlap when your team discusses what words are important to them and why.

Choosing a single word to represent the intentions of an entire team is more difficult than choosing an intent word for a single individual. Otherwise, it will not provide the guidance and focus that your team needs to stay motivated and on track through the year. In order to relate to one another, and to perform at their highest level, everyone must first share the same intent.

Your team might need to incorporate an abstract word into a phrase to make the meaning clearer to them, and this is perfectly fine if it keeps your team united and focused. Gather your team together and get everyone involved in choosing a single word that will sum up their passion and purpose for the next twelve months and align it with a group intent word.

With everyone focused and working together, rather than competing against one another, you will accomplish more than you ever have before.

Most intent words can be grouped into three categories:Suppose someone's CV / resume says "I lead a team of 3 specialists". Would this mean: There are three specialists.

This person is the most senior, line managing the other two. There are three specialists, and one manager. This person is the manager.

They are not necessarily trained in the same specialisation as the three specialists. It is ambiguous. CCL’s program, Leading Teams for Impact, provides insight and tools to build a better team. Matrixed organizations, cross-functional teams, geographically dispersed teams – it’s all the norm in today’s world.

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leading your team

As a young man, I thought leadership was primarily about what I could accomplish. As I have added some gray hair (and a few inches), I have come to realize I can accomplish far more as a leader by motivating and mobilizing a team rather than focusing on my own activities.

Sep 27,  · Aspire to be a better leader? Then you need to be a team player with the right character traits, interpersonal and communication skills. Learn how to manage Author: Workforce Singapore. Maybe you find yourself in a new team environment and leading a team for the first time, or maybe you have been working with and leading teams forever.

Either way, the keys in this article – whether as new information or a fresh reminder – can make a world of difference in. Setting your intent with a single word, isn’t just for individuals.

It’s also a potent way to bring increased clarity, focus and unity to every member of your team. With everyone focused and working together, rather than competing against one another, you will accomplish more than you ever have before.

How a single word can unite your team Just as [ ].

Leading your team
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