Intelligence learned or inherited nature

There is not necessarily a consistent logic behind either of these assumptions, though various schools of thinking will include, often, a logical framework. These observations are really statements about variance.

My Dad is very good with numbers and math and my Mother is not.

Is Intelligence Hereditary?

Two groups are different, but vary within. Fraternal twins are different. See pictures of Bobby Fischer, chess prodigy. Fraternal twins are just like regular siblings, and siblings can have different IQ levels. So, the questions can all be reframed in this manner: Send it to MindEditors sciam.

By genetic, we mean differences passed from one generation to the next via DNA. Now, 2, people have gotten two correct predictions from me. The study is unpublished.

Is Genius Born or Can It Be Learned?

Many of these twins, probably the vast majority, were separated only in the sense that they were raised by different members of the same family, or separately by divorced parents. That is a statistical effect and it is not really a link. Would you be the genius?

In a study, Simonton showed that the average IQ of 64 eminent scientists was aroundfully 50 points higher than the average IQ for the general population. Simonton writes that geniuses tend to be "open to experience, introverted, hostile, driven, and ambitious. I could go on. Genes make a substantial difference, but they are not the whole story.

Whether or not a gene is expressed, where, when, and exactly what product it produces is not entirely encoded in the gene itself, but rather, elsewhere in the genome, or not encoded at all, but rather, dependent on external, non-genetic factors.

The Black African brain got smaller because Rushton subtracted a factor from that estimate of brain size, using an archaic thick skulled African fossil to assume that Africans have very very thick skulls.

They account for about half of all differences in intelligence among people, so half is not caused by genetic differences, which provides strong support for the importance of environmental factors.

Again, IQ does not behave nicely as a genetic trait. One group recently unveiled preliminary evidence for genetic markers for high intelligence an IQ of or higher.

Is Intelligence Inherited or Learned?

Here is a sidebar, reproduced in full, from a Scientific American article by John Horgan summarizing the work up to that time: I would guess that emotional intelligence can be learned better than intelligence can be learned, but it does not come naturally to everyone.

He demonstrated that there is a grouping of brain sizes by race, with Asians having the largest brains, Caucasians the second larges, and Blacks the smallest these race terms are his. Twin studies show heritability of 40 to 90 percent.

All of these factors have been shown to explain differences between groups to a modest to large degree in several studies. Past, Present, and Future.Nature vs Nurture Debate Nature versus Nurture is the issue of the degree to which environment and heredity influence behavior and development.

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In this issue nature can. To conclude intelligence is in fact inherited, but the other factors that have to also be included are the environmental factors.

For example if a child is born intelligent, if the influencing and nurturing family environment is not available the child will not know how to channel the intelligence that they have.

Mar 07,  · One might suspect that the trait is inherited genetically. such as their personality, intelligence by one measure or another, and so on, are added by experience. Nature. It is often debated whether intelligence is significantly influenced by a person's environment or their genes.

Now, a study has shown that intelligence is a product of nurture as well as nature. Intelligence and Religion Intelligence and Discrimination Intelligence and Happiness. Intelligence: An Overview. Intelligence is the capacity of our rational mind to consolidate and evaluate external stimuli by integrating sensory input with our memory and our programming.

However, it is not a genetic relation, but rather, an educational one. Children inherit practical intelligence, which is the knowledge that comes from the way your parents communicate with you.

According to the study, middle-class families spend more time with their children than lower-class families.

Intelligence learned or inherited nature
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