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This arranged it that while Missouri was admitted as a Slave state, Maine was also admitted as a free state. In Missouri wanted to join the Union as a slave state. When the bill was first proposed in the number of free and slave states was equal at California would indeed be admitted as free while the rest of the Southwest territories would decide the slavery issue by popular sovereignty.

In once again the Union was facing the same crises it had faced in During the events prior to the American Civil War, many different compromises were made in an attempt to impede the growing disagreements.

As this would ruin the balance between Slave states and Free states in the Senate, Henry Clay proposed the Missouri compromise. Once again Henry Clay came up with a compromise to resolve this conflict. The articulate speeches of the 16th congress both north and south showed the strong positions held by each side.

This angered the free blacks and abolitionists in the North. Had the Compromise been applied to all American lands then perhaps it could have succeeded. California now wanted to be admitted as a free state. One needs only to look at situations such as the Bosnia-Herzegovina to see that.

The Northwest Ordinance of outlawed slavery of the current territory of the United States, but after the purchase of the Louisiana Territory and the settlement to come, the question of slavery was once again forced into the political arena of our country.

The differences between North and South were far to great and compromise did not stand a chance at preventing the impending conflict.

The Missouri Compromise

Never before had the South so vigorously defended slavery against the onslaught of northern offense. However they limited themselves by only applying the Compromise to lands gained in the Louisiana purchase. The defense of slavery in the - period may be characterized generally as being in a state quiescence, only occasionally roused from a passive condition to become articulate.

It also created an imaginary line along the 36o latitude, where slavery was allowed below it but prevented above it. However this merely prolonged the inevitable.

The Missouri Compromise The Missouri Compromise Essay written by Unknown A compromise is when two or more parties in disagreement reach an agreement that does not give all sides exactly what they want, but enough of what they want so that they can be happy.

This was most clearly shown in the ways in which the three main compromises, the Missouri Compromise, the Compromise of and the Kansas-Nebraska Act, failed. The agricultural economy of the south required the labor of slaves to complete their work.

Instead the Missouri Compromise failed and only led to further conflict between north and south in the future.

The special commission set up to handle such issues also had a higher incentive to rule in favour of the South as it meant more money. Our country practiced slavery of the African. This doomed the Missouri Compromise, which was probably the most promising of the three. Slaveholders, however, were determined to bring slavery into Missouri, and a substantial number of slaveholders settled in Missouri.

By the compromise of Missouri would have become a free state because of the majority being North of the Ohio River.

Missouri Compromise

This last concession angered people in the North however. On the other hand, the idea of slavery in the North was just beginning to become formulated, and many northerners were beginning to see slavery as a threat to their institution of government.

This led to conflict after the Mexican war in which America gained new territories in the West. Free blacks were concerned as now a Southerner could accuse any black person as being a runaway slave.

Compromise is the best possible solution to a conflict however it does not always work. Thomas Jefferson, a proponent of the natural rights theory, stated that slavery was a "cruel war against human nature itself violating its most sacred rights of life and liberty in persons of a distant land.

It would also abolish slavery altogether in Washington DC and initiate a stronger fugitive slave law to appease the South.DBQ Essay: The Success of Missouri Compromise The Missouri Compromise, one of the most known agreements in American history, was an attempt presented by Henry Clay in calming sectional division between the Northern and Southern states over the issue of.

- The Missouri Compromise Slavery and the Civil War Research Task- Describe the role of the Missouri Compromise in the campaign against slavery. The Missouri Compromise played a large role in the campaign against slavery. The Missouri Compromise essays Bya heated controversy over whether or not Missouri was to be admitted to the Union as a slave state or as a free state was underway.

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Missouri Compromise Essay - Missouri Compromise Inthe territory of Missouri applied for statehood.

It was the first new state to be taken from the land acquired in the Louisiana Purchase. The issue of Missouri attempting to become a state sparked much debate and controversy.

Read this American History Essay and over 88, other research documents. The Missouri Compromise. The Missouri Compromise Essay written by Unknown A compromise is when two or more parties in disagreement reach an agreement /5(1).

Essays on the missouri compromise
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