Analyse the considerations that regulate when an athlete returns to play after an injury essay

The focus of this aspect of the RTP model is centered on traditional diagnostic factors such as patient demographics e.

There are situations where this individual reports to a coach or administrator and may feel a conflict of interest.

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Essays 3 pages, words Every few years does a very talented athlete come around. Whatever the specific circumstances, the process outlined above should assist in the promotion of a favorable outcome. Herbert, 25 hang time was something only attributed to football punters, but Jordan brought the term to the NBA with his incredible ability t hang in the air while shooting and seeming to stay there long after the ball had left his hands.

The aim of assessing every aspect of an athlete is unrealistic, though, and is not supported by research. The clinical decision-making process for return-to-participation following injury or disease is quite varied across different types of physically active populations.

He holds more records than just Clin J Sport Med. This is where a knowledge of the sport is necessary, or at least, effective communication with the player or coach. The first duty of an appropriate health-care professional is to promote the health and well-being of the athletes in a school athletic program.

We need to be especially careful when we are trying to get an athlete back to competition before full recovery.

When is an Athlete Ready to Return to Action After an Injury?

Several tests have been validated as ways of providing objective measures of functional performance. In the case of an injury to a limb, a comparison to the noninjured side is made, but this is only appropriate when we are confident that we have a noninjured side to act as a control and when the musculoskeletal parameters in question are normally symmetrical.

It is impossible to provide an exhaustive list of all the tests that could be employed, and much will depend on both the injury and the demands of the sport, but table 7.

Near the playoffs, Jordan insisted that he played. Regardless of the timeframe, the process should be structured collaboratively, and in a manner that will provide the athlete with the best opportunity to return with a minimum of risk.

To be able to answer these physiological questions with any degree of confidence, we must know healing and recovery times for the various tissues that may have been affected by the original injury. Although we cannot perfectly guarantee that an injury will not recur when the player steps out onto the pitch, there are a number of factors that, if taken into consideration when determining return to competition RTCcan help determine whether the risk of playing is acceptable.

Through the years, Michael Jordan has proved time and time again that he is the greatest basketball player ever, and by There is a broad spectrum on these influences as well.

In some instances, the athlete may feel better than he or she actually is. Those working in professional sport will testify to the fact that it is often unrealistic to expect each athlete to be perfectly fit for every event or game.

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It seemed like every time I heard the word basketball I also Several other aspects need to be assessed, including local muscular function; ligament laxity; muscular strength, power and endurance; joint range of motion ROM ; and bony healing.

Developing guidelines for return to play: Where possible, one or more members of the performance team should witness training in the competitive environment to determine proficiency in these functional tasks.

Br J Sports Med. While legally the clinician may be responsible for making the RTP decision, the influence of these other groups on the athlete should not be discounted and certainly not dismissed.

Clary, 11 Jordan was not only dedicated to the sport, but to his physical health. He started his fame on the varsity team of North Carolina University when he made what attendants of his college would refer to as The Shot. This assessment should be carefully designed to specifically test every component of the game or event and should look to stress the injury site to determine if it is robust enough to withstand the rigours of competition.

Despite the extraordinary athletic prowess, sudden fame, and financial success, this kid is still unaffected by it all. All athletes have the right to make up their own minds, but they should be fully informed of the risks of playing when, in our judgment, they may not be fit enough to do so.The first modifier is timing or what point in the season or year does the injury occur.(Creighton et al, ) The urgency to return from an injury in an off-season conditioning session or a non-traditional season practice is much less than a game in-season or post-season competition.

These return to play policies and procedures need to be followed by coaches and athletes in order to promote player safety and wellbeing. Many return to play policies and procedures are developed in conjunction with academic organisations such as Sports Medicine Australia (SMA).

Medical clearance to return to elite sport (fit to play) that exists in isolation without consideration of the athlete’s function and overall performance status (fit to perform) is flawed and risks injury recurrence or poor performance.

Analyse the considerations that regulate when an athlete returns to play after an injury Essay. A Review of Tom Piazza’s City of Refuge Essay.

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In addition, there are many pyschosocial variables that make athletes more susceptible to injury, and psychosocial events that occur after an athlete has experienced an injury. Despite proper rehabilitation, many athletes are not psychologically equipped to cope with the impact of an athletic injury (Larson, Zaichkowsky, & Starkey, ).

If an athlete returns to play before a full recovery, the injury will predictably get worse. Mild sprains can become severe sprains. A stress fracture can become a .

Analyse the considerations that regulate when an athlete returns to play after an injury essay
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