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Cultural and Historical Contexts for Sister Carrie

She leaves Hurstwood and succeeds on her own, becoming rich and famous. Dreiser fought against censorship of Sister Carrie, brought about because Carrie engaged in affairs and other "illicit sexual relationships" without suffering any consequences.

Too arrogant to accept most of the job opportunities available to him, Hurstwood soon discovers that his savings are running out and urges Carrie to economize, which she finds humiliating and distasteful. Drouet, a buoyant traveling salesman Carrie meets on the train to Chicago.

Unbounded consumption thrives especially in cities. He knew that any novel full of such vulgarity and moral laxity would not sell. When we meet Hurstwood he is an emblematic, successful American male: He had a contract, and he would not be dissuaded.

Hurstwood mollifies Carrie by agreeing to marry her, and the couple move to New York City. Neither was it received with the harshness that Dreiser reported.

His novel makes the volatility of the period concrete, vivid, and unforgettable by registering its effect on individual lives. Hurstwood buys a minority interest in a saloon and, at first, is able to provide Carrie with a satisfactory — if not lavish — standard of living.

The telegraph was in commercial use bythe transcontinental railroad completed inthe telephone commercialized in the s.

Henceforth, she becomes the victim of increasingly desperate relationships which, combined with a starstruck fascination with the stage, take her to New York and the life of a Broadway chorus girl.

Once again taken by her beauty, and moved by her poverty, he encourages her to dine with him, where, over sirloin and asparagus, he persuades her to leave her sister and move in with him.

As his fortunes decline, hers rise. Elmer Adler,pp. But Dreiser also understood how the economy that produced wealth for some also caused poverty for many.

Since the capitalist economy depends on quickly moving goods from producer to consumers, speed became the order of the day. From the outset, his title was Sister Carrie, though he changed it to The Flesh and the Spirit while writing it; he restored the original name once complete.

Sister Carrie was a movement away from the emphasis on morals of the Victorian era and focused more on realism and the base instincts of humans. Without such a range of detail, Sister Carrie would be simply another sentimental tale.

The Origin of Speciespublished indeclared that all species derived from random variation, not divine plan. Contemporary readers were baffled, however, and Sister Carrie did not sell well.The Distinction of Social Classes in Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser Essay - By the later part of the ’s New York and Chicago were some of the largest cities in the world and both had populations that exceeded a million.

New Essays on Sister Carrie (The American Novel) by Donald Pizer (Editor).

The American Novel: New Essays on Sister Carrie (1991, Hardcover)

Essays Related to Sister Carrie Analysis. 1. Sister Carrie. The novel "Sister Carrie" takes place around Carrie Meeber takes the train from Columbia City and set for Chicago to start a new life with her sister. Them she realized Chicago wasn't going to be easy she had to live with her sister and her husband.


Sister Carrie

Sister Carrie Homework Help Questions. Describe Sister Carrie as a novel of ideas. One of the key ideas that is contained in this novel is that of the American Dream.

The 100 best novels: No 33 – Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser (1900)

Carrie's leaving her sister to move in with Drouet provokes the first of a series of ethical crises. Their initial responses suggest a conventional portrayal of seduction and sin: Dreiser's novel and American pragmatism constitute related attempts to cope with the impact of evolution in the field of ethics.

Sister Carrie.

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New York. Sister Carrie () is a novel by Theodore Dreiser about a young country girl who moves to the big city where she starts realizing her own American Dream, New Essays on Sister Carrie.

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American carrie essay new novel sister
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