A report on deforestation mitigation strategies

April Learn how and when to remove this template message Reforestation competes with other land uses such as food production, livestock grazing and living space for further economic growth. Reforestation was conducted as a part of afforestation due to inabilities of self-recovering by the natural land itself due to serious soil pollution and loss of woods consequence in loss of soils for plants to grow, thus needing artificial efforts involving introducing of healthy soils A report on deforestation mitigation strategies outside.

Reforesting sometimes results in extensive canopy creation that prevents growth of diverse vegetation in the shadowed areas and generating soil conditions that hamper other types of vegetation.

He planted hectors of forest on the bank of river Brahmaputra alone. Despite two millennia of deforestation, forests in Lebanon still cover This includes reforestation after timber harvest, among other programs. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Sub-Saharan Africa[ edit ] One plan in this region involves planting a nine-mile width of trees on the Southern Border of the Sahara Desert. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Projects financed locally and by international charity are performing extensive reforestation of cedar being carried out in the Mediterranean region, particularly in Lebanon and Turkey, where over 50 million young cedars are being planted annually.

There are active reforestation efforts throughout the country. This causes an increase of about a factor of four in the frequency of fires due to longer and hotter dry seasons.

Reforestation can divert large amounts of water from other activities. Reforestation often has the tendency to create large fuel loads, resulting in significantly hotter combustion than fires involving low brush or grasses. Programs have had overall success. Germany[ edit ] Reforestation is required as part of the federal forest law.

There is also the risk that through a forest fire or insect outbreak much of the stored carbon in a reforested area could make its way back to the atmosphere.

Trees used in some reforesting efforts e. Virtually every ancient culture that shared the Mediterranean Sea harvested these trees from the Phoenicians who used cedar, pine and juniper to build their famous boats to the Romans, who cut them down for lime-burning kilns, to early in the 20th century when the Ottomans used much of the remaining cedar forests of Lebanon as fuel in steam trains [33].

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Afterthe forest area is almost constant although U. InIndia more than 50 million trees were planted in Uttar Pradesh and inmore than 66 million trees were planted in Madhya Pradesh.

The size of the forest area in Germany increased between the first and the second forest inventory due to forestation of degenerated bogs and agricultural areas.


Organizations[ edit ] Trees for the Future has assisted more thanfamilies, in 6, villages of Asia, Africa and the Americas, to plant over 35 million trees. USDA Forest Service mentions reforestation is required to support natural regeneration and keeps researching about effective ways to restore forests.

The total area of China is 9, km2 see Chinaso it means plantsquare kilometres more [24].climate change and their contribution to mitigation strategies may be influenced by stresses possibly resulting from it.

Socio- forestry mitigation options will have substantial co-benefits in increased attention to reducing emissions from deforestation as a low cost mitigation option, and with significant positive side-effects (Stern.

Mitigation practices Sources of emissions Trade agriculture’s role in deforestation. This is a massive number, comparable in scale to the transportation sector. Further, this ratio can be even higher in developing countries where the agriculture and forestry Summary of Strategies This report was commissioned to identify GHG mitigation.

CRS Report for Congress Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress Deforestation and Climate Change Ross W. Gorte Specialist in Natural Resources Policy Pervaze A. Sheikh Climate change mitigation strategies have focused on reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), especially.

The report also demonstrates for the first time that, on average, investments made by local communities and homeowners in hazard mitigation measures that exceed standard building codes can save the nation $4 for every $1 spent. Deforestation: Causes, Effects and Control Strategies 5 deforestation are maintained.

Indeed some 31 countries do not even make the list because. For climate change mitigation Forests There are four major strategies available to mitigate carbon emissions through forestry activities: increase the amount of forested land through a reforestation process; increase the carbon density of existing forests at a stand and landscape scale; expand the use of forest products that will.

A report on deforestation mitigation strategies
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